Brand Efficacy is the integrity of your brand. Ensuring that you live your values (internally and externally) to help you deliver your desired results (brand value) and ensure a thriving community.

More than ever, the significance of community is vital. This is true both for your external Brand and your internal Culture. With Executive Coaching & Training we facilitate the connection to your purpose (your “WHY”) so you become the bridge to your community.

This work will change behavior to establish your trusted brand and positively impact shareholder value.

A sustainable Brand is grounded in Integrity. Exemplify your purpose (your "WHY"). Build community.


FOURAGE is a play on words in a few ways: 

COURAGE spelled with an F: We believe your fear is the gateway to your courage. Your treasure map. Fear is courage unrealized.

It’s pronounced forage: You have to forage yourself to find your truth.

Broken apart as puzzle pieces it becomes, FOR OUR AGE: By accessing your truth and standing in integrity, you allow others to do the same… the bridge to community.

The flower behind the compass is the Seed of Life. The Seed of Life is a universal symbol of creation, the origin of all. The seed of life represents ancient wisdom. The seed is a stage preceding the Flower of Life. As a result, everything in existence can be founded on the shape of the seed of life.

The compass & true north: It’s essential to know where true north is - both literally and figuratively. Figuratively speaking, true north refers to the main principles that are guiding our lives to enable us to always be truthful towards ourselves.

Both symbols represent the main values and principles to follow that will never become outdated, they are natural truths.

Your seed of life represents your beginning point, the home of your core truths and values.


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Guryan Tighe is a Fear Technician.  She believes fear is one of our greatest teachers. The flashlight to discovering our truest self, our wholeness. What an incredible asset we’ve been given - if we can shift our relationship with its presence and recognize the gems of wisdom it has for us.

Tighe co-created a model on how to identify and live your WHY (purpose) through accessing your fear. She's a published author; contributing a chapter on Fear as Your Treasure Map and The Importance of your WHY. The Better Business Book: 100 People, 100 Stories, 100 Business Lessons To Live By (Volume 3 & Volume 4).

Tighe is an experienced Communications Strategist with a demonstrated history working in a multitude of environments. She has served as the Head of Speaker Development at Jolt, working to reinvent the learning experience, Partner of Speakeasy Strategies, a strategic communication advisory firm where she led influencer relations and messaging & positioning and prior to that, Chief Culture Officer, Highwire PR. Tighe received her coaches and leadership development training from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Tighe founded FOURAGE because she is driven by her fascination in human ‘beingness.’ The time is now for people to embrace their uniqueness, be seen, and see others for theirs. To help create a world of AND, not OR. There are 7 billion people in the world with 7 billion unique fingerprints. What’s your impression to make?